UPMC Grand Rounds - Special Guest

Adaptive Optic Images in Uveitis   -   Dr Marie-Hélène Errera, MD, PhD is a Senior Lecturer at the Sorbonne University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris and she plays an active role in research at The Quinze-Vingts National Eye hospital and at the Institute of Ophthalmology (Institut de la Vision, Paris, France). Her research interests include ocular inflammation, particularly treatments and diagnosis in uveitis, the role of retinal imaging in inflammatory disease and in Medical Retina. She is a former clinical and teaching Fellow in Medical Retina and Vitreo-Retinal department at Moorfields Eye Hospital, in London, UK.

As an Associate Professor, she runs the uveitis service at The Quinze-Vingts National Eye hospital, in Paris (France) remaining actively involved in all aspects of inflammatory disorders care. She has also a specialist interest in cataract and Vitreo-Retinal surgery in uveitis. She is principal Investigator for multicenter clinical trials in the Trial Unit in Quinze-Vingts National Eye Hospital, France and an organizing committee member of the annual London-Paris retinal meeting between The Quinze-Vingts National Eye Hospital, Paris and Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.