• Understand different parameters on phaco machines
  • Learn each step of phaco from sculpt to cortex removal
  • Learn differences in settings for each step
  • Practice different nuclear disassembly techniques
  • Anterior vitrectomy

Reading Materials:

  • Machine Overview, Foot Pedal, Irrigating Bottle, Flow Pumps: Overview and Peristaltic Pump, Direct Control of Flow and Indirect Control of Vacuum 15-36 (pdf), Book pgs 2-23, Ultrasound Overview pg 121-126 (pdf), Book pgs 108-113 
  • Overview of Phaco Methods, Sculpting Angle of Attack, Minimum Groove Width, Posterior Groove, Judging Groove Depth, Peripheral Groove, pg 220-233 (pdf), Book pgs 208-221
  • Other stations: Wound construction, Capsulorhexis, Corneal wound suturing, possible IOL explanting, possible intraocular suturing, ICL implantation (6/9)
  • Phacodynamics